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PhD in Human Virology and Immunology
Publicació: 20/03/2019
Referència: 7262


*   Supervisor: Prof. T. Bourlet (Virology)
*   Co-Supervisor: Prof S. Paul (Immunology)

 A PhD position at University of Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon (France) is available to study the impact of the intestinal microbiota on the immune response defect in HIV-1 infected patients under antiretroviral therapy. The research project will focus on characterizing gut microbiota (total and associated to secretory IgA and IgM) patterns in stools and rectal biopsies samples between immunological non-responders and responders patients,  establishing a relationship between microbiota patterns and (1) tryptophan catabolism, (2) systemic inflammation markers and (3) characteristics and size of the local cellular immunity and the viral reservoir; This will be done through a clinical study done in our HIV-1 + patient’s cohort, in collaboration with Avenir Team INSERM U1157/UMR 7203 in Paris (Prof. Harry Sokol). In a second time, we will embark in the development of in vitro and humanized mouse models to better characterize the effects of dysbiosis and amino-acids metabolism on mucosal immune cells response, inflammation and viral reservoir.

This position is opened in the GIMAP (Immunity and Mucosal Infections by Pathogens) EA3064 lab, located in Saint-Etienne and associated to CIRI in Lyon (International Center of Research in Infectiology). Our group is in a dynamic environment allowing interactions between immunologists, bacteriologists, virologists and clinicians. This position is opened starting in November 2019 for 3 years.

We are looking for a highly motivated applicant with an expertise in the field of immunology (flow cytometry, immunostaining, imaging, purification of Igs in particular) and/or virology (molecular biology). An experience in experimentation on small animals would be highly appreciated.

For more information and to apply for this position, please contact Thomas BOURLET ( before April 15th.

Please include a cover letter addressing your interest in the position along with your CV, summary of your research experience and contact information of two professional references.


Campus Santé Innovation

10 rue de la Marandière

42270 Saint-Priest-en-Jarez

Tél. 04 77 42 14 00